If you want to use Angora Rabbit hair then it has to be Caregora, its the natural choice !

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The First Quality Selected,  Certified Angora Fibre 




Caregora trade mark


A High Performing Natural Product that combines Quality, Innovation & Certified Responsibility


• Precious fibre, finer than cashmere

• Exquisitely soft, delicate and lightweight

• Fine halo and luxurious silky texture

• Warmer, airy, and lighter than wool

• Comfortable to wear and easy to care for

• Extremely functional, easy to dye and

blend with other fibres, so extending its use

and aesthetic

• Highly versatile, suitable for a wide range

of textile and fashion applications

• Best heat retention of all natural fibres

• Pain easing function in medical treatment

due to its strong electrostatic charge

• High moisture management,

Non-odor absorbing


For further information on Angora or other speciality fibres please contact us by telephone or email.

Full web  information available here @ www.angora-rabbits.de

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