Meet the working sheep dogs

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When travelling around the sheep farms in the search of the best fleece wool for combing & spinning we have met some lovely sheep dogs most of them very friendly and loveable, others just scary.

Some dogs greeted us when we drove up to the farms in our truck and they were so big and fierce that we dare not get out of our truck until the shepherd was around to offer protection.  These breed of sheep dogs are known in Eastern Europe  as Wolf Worriers. They were handsome looking creatures but better to befriend a hungry lion than one of these.

Romanian sheep dog

Some of the friendliest dogs were in South of France, the Pyrenean mountain dogs who look after the merino d'Arles sheep, although its always wise to watch your fingers !  

One Falkland Polwarth sheep farmer had 18 collies we all wanted to take then all home, they were beautiful

sheep dogs     sheep dogs with farmer

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