Chinese New Year - The Year Of The Sheep

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Today is Chinese New Year - signifying a change in the zodiac from Ma (horse) to Yang (sheep). 

Merino d'Arles ram

The good news is that everyone loves sheep (of course!) although it is not generally thought as being a lucky year as it brings with it a certain weakness of personality. Although what exactly is wrong with mild manners and a gentle outlook I don't know!

Whether people preferred the previous year of the prancing horse or whether they're happy with the easy going nature of the sheep the population are being advised to be well behaved and sheep like to avoid a year of conflict...

Experts reckon that sheep play a positive role in Chinese folklore so let's hope they bring a gentle and persistent luck with them.

The thorny issue of whether sheep are weak willed or otherwise, we celebrate ALL sheep here at Wooltops :)

So - here's to a HAPPY Year of the Sheep!

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