Out and about

Yesterday Topsy got new trousers and they had to be tried out today. 
He was unstoppable.

We go out every morning with the dogs and Topsy was very excited.
Ginger Joe was excited too. 
We first let the chickens out and ... oh my ... wasn't that exciting? 
Topsy decided to climb up the downspout to check out the chicken coop. 
Can you see him sitting there high up the spout?

Topsy on the downspout









Ginger Joe was not that brave and was sitting on a ledge at the chicken coop.
One hen in particular was interested in Ginger Joe. I could just save his little bud in the nick of time before she started to pick at him. We do not want that to happen!

 Just letting the chickens out wasn't excited enough! 

While we strolled in the woods suddenly Milou saw a squirrel!
And as dogs cannot climb trees Topsy and Ginger Joe offered their help to try to catch the little bugger for Milou. 

To no avail because of course the squirrel was much faster and jump from one tree to another. I could not keep up!

Squirrel hunting

All in all a very exciting morning!
Topsy was very happy with his trousers and they will be added into the Topsy box so you can make Topsy a wardrobe right away!
Ginger Joe was a bit cold so he will be having a pair of trousers too!

Until later!