About me

Where do I start?

Everything that has to do with crafts that I do today basically started when we moved from the Netherlands to Sweden with our family. 

We found the right place outside Arvika in the beautiful county Värmland.
I've always been creative.
I started knitting sweaters when I was a teenager and started sewing clothes when we had children and enjoyed it all.
When we got the chance to live at the countryside, I did not hesitate to get sheep. The sheep and the country
side do belong together.
My brain immediately went in overdrive and so the excited process from wool to yarn started and with that some new crafts did their entry, like spinning, dyeing, experiments, etc. 



I learned to spin on our own porch from a woman (whom became one of my best friends) from the Netherlands. She visited Sweden once a year with other spinning crazy ladies. She was the one that brought me my first spinning wheel, a Louet S10! We started to work together with organising one week spinning retreats at my place and I still have fond memories of that time. Over the years I have collected spinning wheels. Today I "only" have 5 or 6 wheels left. In recent years I have picked up band weaving as well, which is so much fun. You see, I have no problem finding hobbies.


Other things we love

There have always been dogs in our household and I love strolling the woods with them.

We also have a big love for sailing. I have my own dinghy that I take on the water when their is a fair amount of wind. We not only have the dinghy but also a larger, wooden old sailing boat that we love to take out on the water. Lots of work and lots of fun! The feeling of freedom when you are out in the woods or on the lake is wonderful, like a mini vacation.


When I visited Fårfesten a couple of years ago, I came in contact with Andrew from Wooltops and after this day I have always assisted him at this fair. Now it is time to open our very own Wooltops Europe e-store!
We hope you enjoy our fine yarns and have the pleasure of knitting and dyeing with them.

Andrew and me

Creative greetings,