We share our clients passion for the highest quality and design.


We are passionate about wool here at Wool tops and invested time ensuring that all our suppliers are too. We now have well a well established supply chain and are 100% committed to focusing on the traceability of our wool products to keeping work in Britain. We have amazing talent in the UK so where possible, all process is done here.

For years we have been working with local spinning mills. These mills all share the same passion for the fibre and that passion really shines through in the quality of the tops & yarns we design.

The Falklands, where we source many of our sheep and goat wool

Think wool and yards are just for knitters? Absolutely not, our customers cover a huge range of industries and uses including creative spinners, dyers, felters & fibre artists. There are some incredible talented people, its an honour & pleasure to be able to supply them raw materials.

We work with high quality fibres from around the world, stretching from local growers to the Falkland Islands in the South Atlantic.

We also pay special attention to the sheep our wool comes from, all our suppliers are personally vetted and we are proud to be able to supply well known wool breeds such as Corriedale, Polwarth ,Merino, Bluefaced Leicester , Wensleydale and Leicester long wool as well as lesser known, rare breeds like Merino d’Arles

We love wool and we love sheep, but that's not all. Using our same level of dedication to the supply chain and sourcing we can also provide other top quality fibres such as Mulberry Silk, Alpaca, Mohair ,Cashmere & Caregora

Whether you're after greasy Fleece, wool tops, wool rovings or wool yarns, all are produced from our own sourced fibre, from 'farm to yarn' is what we are all about.